Benefits of massage


First thing comes to your mind when booking an appointment for massage is relaxation. Well there are many other reason to pamper yourself by getting a good massage. Other than making you happier person, it has many other rock solid benefits.

1. Fare amount of stress reduction

Most important noted benefit of massage is reduction in stress by getting relaxation. An experienced therapist recognize the requirements of individual clients and give massage accordingly. Both physical and emotional stress can be reduced by getting a good massage. This is the reason, massage is now became a important part of stress and anxiety treatment programs. It helps to release of endorphins, which is the wonderful chemical that give us the feel-good factor. And reduce the nasty hormones like norepinephrine, adrenaline and cortisol which induce stress and cause many mental health problem.

2. Boost immunity

By getting balance in hormones and helping in achieving good mental health, a good massage can really boost your immunity system. After decreasing in stress hormones, your immune system have a chance to work more efficiently. It increase blood circulation and cause lymphatic drainage, which is also a boost to your immune system.

3. Release muscle pain and tension

After assessing your body and recognizing the requirements, a good therapist can
releases trigger points, stretch and elongate muscles and breaks sown adhesion. By increasing blood flow in stiff, injured or plain sore, good massage technique can help releasing the muscle tension and pain. Massage not only alleviate the pain, but also help in flushing out the toxins and oxygenate from your body.

4. Improve skin tone
Massage help you to get toned and healthy skin . By releasing muscle tension and giving good blood flow in skin, it aids the nutrition and improve cell regeneration. It increases circulation, which results in glowing skin.

5. Improve body posture
It helps a lot to get proper body posture specially to those who work on computer and sit for long at one place. Because of Prolonged sitting, muscles become prone to tightening. And it follows a bed posture which future transform in muscles pain. Remedial massage can help by lengthening and releasing tension in the muscles, which result in improved body posture

Bonus benefits of the massage
Massage reduce pain in different part of your body by using touch therapy. It not only feels good but also have so many other deep effects. It can help to cure insomnia by giving relaxation and reducing the hormones which causes insomnia. It also lower the blood pressure. It helps massively in curing back and neck pain.

A good massage is a treat which you can give to yourself. After getting it done you will come to know that it completely worth your time and money.

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