Eyebrows threading

Eyebrows Threading

What to expect after getting eyebrows threaded for the very first time.

You may have heard about eyebrows threading or may be not having any idea what it is all about? It is an ancient way of removing hair using only a thread. It is truly an art form which requires a fare amount of experience. It is new in Europe and US but It is being practiced for many centuries in India and Middle Eastern countries. So what you can expect when you get your eyebrows threading done.

1. More precise and cleaner shape
If you are used to of shaping eyebrows using wax or plucking , you will experience a visible difference in outcome. Threading gives such a control that a threader can shape more defined line which make it easier to gives a very clean and sharp eyebrows.

2. Relatively lesser painful and quick
If you have not done it before, you may be thinking that it hurts. This may be the reason you haven’t tried it yet. But the fact is really the other way round. You might feel a bit tickle or little sensation, but it is any way lesser in compare of waxing and plucking. This technique allows to remove hair gently and quickly. Eyebrows are being shaped in no time.

3. Long lasting
Threading lasts for around two to four weeks, depending on your hairs growth. It’s takes out hair from roots. It is been experienced for many centuries that if threading is being done sooner it slows down the hair growth.

4. Good for all type of skin
Technician uses only thread to shape your eyebrows so there is no use of fragrances, chemicals or preservatives. it makes it good for even sensitive skin. It is very hygienic as thread is thrown out after being used. It saves from the chemical which can create breakout or burns.

5. Not limited to girls

This technique is Best for men because a technician can take out unwanted hair in a control way. Many men are afraid of what if it, will look feminine. Threading might be perfect technique for them because threading can take out single line or single hair more precisely. Many men have facial hair which they can not shave as it can harm their skin and make hair thick and messy, threading is the best solution for them

6. Good for other facial hair too

Waxing can cause acne, open pores or redness to your skin as facial skin is very this and sensitive. Threading is 100% natural way of taking out unwanted hair, which makes is the best way for facial hair removal. It is very quick process as it can take out one line at time, unlike plucking which can remove only one hair at a time

Many benefits of threading makes it worth a trying, and it is unlikely that you can like any other way of your eyebrows shaping after getting done your eyebrows threaded.